-Discussion: Hype and media pressure-


Does hype and media pressure help you find new books you will enjoy? Or does it only bring down your reading experience?
Let’s discuss!

Book hype
Books can get hyped up by publishers, authors and fellow readers on the internet.

Publishers sometimes decide to go out of their way to get an upcoming book well known and out there. Even before it’s published. I don’t always feel attracted to the book, because of these campaigns. Mainly because I like to hear from other people what they thought and just loads of social media posts about a book doesn’t mean a book is good yet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t read books only if people think it’s good and I do think it’s a good way to get a book out there. If I find the idea or the synopsis really interesting, I will probably pick it up and I wouldn’t have if I had not seen the photos in my feed. Book campaigns just don’t tend to get me too excited

Authors can create hype either by having created a good name in the book community by previous books and when they release another book, people get excited about it. The other way is by reading arc’s (advanced reading copies) from other authors and writing a good review, or a blurb.
I do have a tendency to get excited about my favorite releasing a new book. *Rainbow Rowell* But I need to have read more than one book by that author so I know the writing style a bit.
I also get excited about blurbs by authors that I really like and know. I don’t buy a book just because of that, but it does give me some faith in the book. Authors know what they are talking about, they know what makes a good book and if a fantasy author I really admire writes a positive blurb about a new fantasy series, I wouldn’t be so hesitant.

Fellow readers (especially well known BookTubers) can get really excited about books. And sometimes everyone is all about that ONE new book.
This is something that sometimes gets me to buy or read it and sometimes just not. It’s really all about who is hyped about it. I know my BookTubers and Book Bloggers. I know if what they like is the same as me and if their preferences about certain aspects of a book go along with mine. One person likes the romance in a book, while I know that we really differ on the amount or quality of romance in a book that we like. But this person may also say that the characters are really well written and I have always agreed on her thoughts on characters in books. These similarities in taste in books or certain parts in books can get me more or less excited.
But if EVERYONE is reading a book, I will also pick it up just to see what I think about it and to know what everyone is talking about.

But hype can also make my reading experience a lot less enjoyable. Hype changes expectations. I might have loved a book, but because I expected it to blow my mind I was disappointed. It can also take some surprises away. We Were Liars was hyped up, because of the “twist” that was mind blowing. From the beginning of the book I wasย suspicious about EVERYTHING. So I wasn’t as blown away, because I knew there was something coming.

Media pressure
Media pressure can make you read books that you normally wouldn’t pick up. It can also make you feel forced to read or even LIKE a book. You can feel left or ashamed out if you haven’t read a book or if you don’t agree with the world. It can also make you feel part of a community that you can discuss your thoughts with.

I have read many books that I wouldn’t have even considered buying, because of media pressure. I sometimes loved them, but have also felt forced to get through these books that I really just didn’t feel like reading. And when I didn’t like these books, I felt I didn’t fit in with the rest of the community. Luckily there are always some people with the same opinions that feel the same way and are eager to have someone to discuss their thoughts with.
Media pressure has also discouraged me to read some series and books. Sometimes I was just afraid to dislike a series or felt overwhelmed by all these books in this series that everyone has read ages ago. It felt like a chore to read these just so I had also read them.


Media pressure and hype have both positives and negatives. They make you feel part or left out of the community. And they make you feel encouraged or discouraged to pick up new books.

In the end you should do your thing, read what you want to read and take all the hype and pressure as no more than a friendly suggestion!


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