Book Budget Tips

book-moneyIf you are an obsessive reader like me, you probably know how expensive reading can be. In this post I will be talking about the money related problems of reading and I will give you Book Budget Tips.

First of all, books are just really expensive these days. The prices of a single book can go from $12 to $25. And if you’re living outside the US like me, international shipping can also be a huge problem.

But another big problem all of us have is the amount of books we want to read. There are so many series you want to start, so many series you are in the middle of and need to finish and so many great, beautiful and interesting books keep getting published. And you want them all, right now.

What is also important is your income. If you are a teenager living at home with no job (like me) the only money you can spend is your pocket money. At this moment all of the money I get I spend on books and because I get €5,- a week I can only buy one to two books a month.
If you are working and living on your own you have other things you need to pay for like bills or food or other things you may need.

Now I am going to talk about some tips to help you keep a budget.

  • Find a website with good prices and low shipping.
    For example Book Outlet or Book Depository  The website where I order my books is it is a Dutch website with loads of books and great service and shipping.
  • If you are on a tight budget, buy paperbacks.
    Some people think they need to get hardcover editions of all their books. I know they are prettier and I am also a sucker for them, but if you really want to read a book it doesn’t matter that much. And they are around half the price of a hardcover book.
  • Buy the first book in a series in paperback.
    If you get the first book in a series in paperback you are more likely to buy the rest of them in the same edition. In the end this saves you loads of money.
  • Don’t buy before you finish.
    Don’t buy a new book before you finish one. At least try to. This way you won’t buy as many books and you won’t buy books you won’t read. Buying books you don’t read and buying more before you finished them is a way of wasting money.

I hope these Book Budget Tips will help you to lower your book buying. And I wish you luck, because books are just very addictive…


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